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Enscape 3.5

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Version 3.5 | Your Next Visualization Asset

Assets are a fundamental part of the design process, giving context and life to a project. This release introduces the Adjustable Asset series, a selection of assets with modifiable functions, offering more flexibility when working with assets. You also get the following:

  • Multi-asset editing
  • Alpha channel export update
  • Improved rendering capabilities
  • More unique assets
  • And much more!
See What's New See What's New See What's New
See What's New See What's New See What's New

Enscape 3.5 Benefits

Experience the ease of creating stunning renderings and achieve first-class quality in your designs with these new Enscape features.


Assets with Variants

Choose from multiple versions of the same asset. Filter by the tag ‘adjustable’ to find all the assets with this functionality. You can mark the variants as favorites and use them for multi-asset placement.

  • Convey the right story with the most suitable asset variant
  • Have more choices when it comes to selecting an asset for your scene


Assets with Color or Material Customization

Also findable by using the ‘adjustable’ tag, this function lets you change the color or material of an asset via a customization panel. You can adjust parameters to accentuate or blend assets in scenes.

  • Curate the right aesthetic for your project presentation
  • Save time from looking for assets elsewhere online


Multi-Asset Editing

Quickly modify a group of assets at once. You can select, de-select, replace, or delete them. This feature is available to all assets in the Enscape Asset Library.

  • Avoid repetitive editing work
  • Streamline your workflow by editing multiple assets simultaneously


Unique People Assets

We added to the recently launched collection of unique assets, bringing the total to over 90. What makes these assets special is they are exclusive to Enscape; you won’t find them anywhere else.

  • Liven up presentations by filling scenes with a variety of people assets
  • Showcase the function and emotion of a space with the right entourage


Alpha Channel Export Update

An update to an existing feature, you can now enjoy improved compositing of semi-transparent materials with a different background in the Alpha Channel export.

  • Reduce time spent in post-production
  • Create more realistic-looking renderings easily


Improved Lighting and Reflection in Rendering

Enhance the realism of design scenes with improved indirect lighting in interiors and more accurate indirect lighting in mirror reflections. Available for users who have a GPU with hardware-accelerated ray-tracing support.

  • Add more depth to the perspective of an interior scene
  • Give a more authentic depiction of shading in a mirror reflection

Additional Features

Enscape 3.5 also includes an improved workflow for Rhino users where the asset geometry will be placed on the current layer, a User Area in the Toolbar for your Enscape User Account, certified SpaceMouse support, Revit 2024 support, and an orthographic views update for Revit.

For more information, check out the Enscape 3.5 blog article.